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5 Interesting Links for 10-06-2017

History (Reading) A cross between marginalia and highlighting, this article provides examples of manicules from old texts. Philosophy (Employment) This article is a direct demonstration of the change in philosophy that is crippling our country. Though it singles out … Continue reading

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Your Opinions Please: Hollywood Immortals

As I mentioned last week, I will be working a table at Sands/Reno Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday. I also suggested I might be doing a panel, which is where the opinions come in. I will be on a … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 07-21-2017

Appropriation (Society) I’ve been in the position of trying to explain cultural appropriation before, and it’s easy for me to get muddled, especially when the other person isn’t really listening. So, I give you a clear, articulate explanation not just … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 03-25-2016

Pictures (Cats) These are amazing pictures both because of the improbability and the genetic twists that can happen, and because they’re cute. (Via Facebook) Artist (Interesting People) A fun interview with comic artist Cassandra Calin, including examples of her … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 09-18-2015

Challenges (Archaeology) A recently discovered site with some intriguing markings speaks to the challenges of archaeology as exposure to the elements wipes away an ancient message. Bias (Education) While my background is very different from the former teacher who … Continue reading

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