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5 Interesting Links for 01-22-2016

Hammock (Cats) Another lovely do-it-yourself idea for spoiling your cats. (Via Facebook) Regency (History) A glimpse into traditional upbringing for young men in the Regency. While Jasper and Aubrey definitely suffered this, Frederick (the love interest in An Innocent … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No.77: Don’t Give Up

Not quite what I normally post for smiles, but this video is an inspiration and a reminder not to listen to “you won’t be able to.” If you don’t, you never know what you can accomplish:

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In Memoriam – Desmond O’Grady, Poet and Friend: 2015 Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour

There are people in your life that are pivotal to how you perceive the world, even if you don’t know their full story, even if it was a fragment of your existence. Desmond O’Grady was one of those people for … Continue reading

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Embrace the Difference: A Tribute to Otherness

The below video from the Dutch band Delain is a lovely response to a terrible tragedy: the murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007 for being different. It serves as a good reminder for those who stand on the edges that … Continue reading

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Quick Follow up on Monica Jackson

Monica’s obituary has been posted and is available to read here: It includes directions for sending a gift toward her daughter’s college fund in lieu of flowers if you’re inclined to help out that way.

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