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How to Marry a Royal Highlander by Vanessa Kelly

This is the first one of this series that I’ve read, and the last one to be released, but it stands well on its own with hints of the fun to be had in the previous novels. While not quite … Continue reading

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The Grand Tour

I recently got a note from someone who visited my website (through an old link based on the reporting address) thanking me for my plotting by scene spreadsheet. Now beyond the total squee of getting what is in essence fan … Continue reading

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The Cornucopia of Knowledge

I am behind in my email…to the tune of 1100 emails (which is a good 700 less than I was at the middle of last week). Why is this relevant or interesting? Well, maybe it isn’t to some people, but … Continue reading

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Why Do I Blog

An author friend of mine, Maria Zannini, asked an interesting question on her blog that I wanted to expand on here. Basically, she went through an almost tragedy with losing (temporarily, thank goodness) a beloved pet ( and considered how … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Hike

So my family isn’t big on the presents and stuff for Mother’s Day, but sometimes the mom, me of course, gets to choose the activity. I asked my younger son who is still living at home to take me hiking. … Continue reading

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