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My question today is quite simple. Since when did a happy blush disappear from conversation? In the translation to online communication, we convey emotion through smilies. There is a set of standard smilies for the basic emotions, happy, sad, angry and of course, blushing. So why is the blush marred by a frown? To me, a blush is much more likely to be embarrassed by compliments, in a flush of pride, so happy your face changes shade. Something seems wrong when that’s the emotion for context and yet here comes this frowning face as if the world is against you.

It may seem a small quibble with all the other things in the world, but think for a moment what a happy blush conveys in real life.

You compliment a friend on a beautiful dress she made. She’s happy but embarrassed and uncomfortable. You know not to say anything further but at the same time, you know she appreciated your comments. If she frowned while blushing, wouldn’t you wonder if something was wrong? If maybe she didn’t make the dress and is too embarrassed to admit it because you already praised the skill as hers?

How about someone blushing with pride because they finished an assignment early and think it went well. Would you really want to convey that emotion with a frown?

I have a friend who blushes online all the time when receiving compliments. Seeing her frown annoyed me so much, I made her a new blush. A smiling one . I just did a web search for smilies and I’m not the only one. They’re called smilies for a reason and I for one prefer a self-conscious smile to a frown any day.

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