Becoming Home: Music, Life, and Love in This Sweet Contemporary Romance


Becoming HomeWelcome to Foster’s Way, a sleepy little town that opens its doors to refuges from the troubles of city life.

Celia Baker comes to escape a career helping at-risk kids that is ruining her health. Brian Lakes wanted some out-of-the-way place to raise his twelve-year-old son without being recognized as the country music star he’s been since before Nick was born. Neither is looking for a life partner, nor wants the complications that would involve, but a grieving boy and a treasured guitar make those wishes nothing more than the echo of a note held too long.

I had a wonderful time writing Becoming Home. It’s an homage to the guitars I’ve had over the years and the drive to create through music. But there’s a lot more than music going on in this story.

Celia doesn’t like to talk about her past, but it has shadowed her adult life since it began at the age of twelve when she ran away from home. Her work with at-risk kids is neither impersonal nor without a clear understanding of what they face, or will face, if they take to the streets. She might have retired early because of a doctor’s order, but the instincts that have her identify both risk and need at a glance don’t just disappear. It’ll take a lot more than moving locations before she’s ready to open her heart and her life to the possibility of love.

Brian loves music. He always has. It’s been the air he breathes, and the sum total of his life since his wife divorced him and convinced him to stay out of his infant son’s life. Then a car crash takes his ex but restores his grieving son, a much older and very different version of the toddler he’d known. Foster’s Way seems the best place to find their connection and build a new, strong family of just the two of them. He never counted on a meddling woman who threatens to steal into his heart after barging into his house uninvited.

The story winds between music, the need to belong, and family, all strong themes in country music and ones that have always resonated with me. I hope they will do the same for you. Enjoy meeting the many interesting people in Foster’s Way and spending time in a town where neighborly stands for something true.

While originally a stand-alone romance, someone I met while writing Becoming Home is already asking for her own happy ending. I guess there will be more time spent in Foster’s Way after all.

The eBook is available at most online stores. Choose your favorite one from the links below:


Or you can visit the book page and read an excerpt first.

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