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I meant to post this as a follower for the con report, and it still is even with a week’s break in the middle. I mentioned in my con report that I met/re-met many authors who intrigued me enough to want to check out their books. I’m listing them here both because you might want to explore their writing and as a reminder to myself since I’m swamped in reading right now so it might take a bit to get to them.

First off, I met Emerian Rich at BayCon years ago when we shared a panel. She’s a real character in all senses of the word, her sweet nature somehow not clashing with her Goth appearance and love of all things horror. She runs the horror site, so Emerian is no poser. She’s also one of those people who is fun to hang around with. She makes the world a better place just by being her.

Seeing all that, you bet I wanted to support her writing (or at least to try it since I promise honest reviews, not nice ones), but I don’t read horror. I have a vivid imagination that needs no help from others to give me nightmares. I’d have to read only bad horror novels for my sanity’s sake, and that’s no fun. But this year, she happened to mention she’s also writing a historical romance series, so I plan to try that series instead. Much more up my alley :).

Emerian also worked on an Imagination Fair this year, bringing together authors and activities to celebrate creativity. The authors represented several genres, including urban fantasy, which can be dark, but not as dark as horror. I picked up cards from a number of authors whose worlds intrigued me, and even one from a horror author after talking about promo videos and podcasting because he was very engaged on his subjects and fun to talk to. I’m wavering over checking out his fiction just because that’s the type of writer to write horror I enjoy, and which haunts me (I haven’t completely avoided the genre), but I wanted to list him here in case any of you horror readers want to be my surrogate supporter :).

In the Dealer’s Room, I ended up chatting with one author, Daniel Potter, at a cooperative author table, then another joined in. I’ve already picked up one of Daniel Potter’s books (, and it’s in my TBR pile because when he told me about his take on humans turned animal, I thought the story sounded fun. He also mentioned another story that’s not out yet which I plan to keep an eye out for. I was hampered by my need for eBooks rather than print as I don’t read in print at all anymore unless I have to.

I went back to snag the other cooperative authors’ cards because I liked the back cover blurbs of theirs I read, but my mind has lost their names. I’m pretty sure they are Marc Johnson (, James Beach (, and Maureen O. Betita (, but if not, I’ve temporarily misplaced them and these are three stray cards from previous years (ah, post-con brain). If you know one way or the other, I’d appreciate a note in the comments.

I also learned about another series that sounded interesting but possibly too dark for me, Bones and Bourbon by Dorian Graves:

Finally (in a perfect transition), I learned about J.S. Devivre books in the Dealer’s Room and later ended up on a panel with her. Like Emerian, she is a very enthusiastic personality and a lot of fun to be on a panel with. Her stories come with a complex world that she’s worked to crossover with our own, allowing you to find your path in her world based on your actual characteristics and preferences. It’s a neat idea, and I enjoyed my time with J.S., so plan to look into the series.

I shared a couple of panels with Jim Doty ( this year, but unlike in previous years, this is the first time I’ve heard about his writing. It helps he was on my “what makes a good book” panel. I’m planning to check out something of his based on the impressions he gave when discussing his ideas of good books.

Sheryl R. Hayes is another long-term BayCon guest I shared a panel with. She has just released her first book, Chaos Wolf She is a creative wonder, so I suspect her novel will be as well.

Apologies if I’ve forgotten someone, but the advantage of picking up a bookmark or card is I will run across it eventually. I had a funny moment when packing for BayCon this year as a missed card slipped out of my con bag. It was for The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis, a novel I later ran across on Twitter and enjoyed. Clearly a matter of destiny determined to connect me with that book.

Did you run into any new (to you) authors recently? Have you read any of those listed above? Share your finds in the comments so we can check them out as well.

Edited to add two more authors I ran across:

Sandra Saidak ( was on the happily ever after panel and showed a strong understanding of fairy tales and their history.

Melissa Snark, my husband, and I ended up in a conversation about writing, and I learned she writes urban fantasy, among other things, and so wanted to look up her books (

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