A quick note on Shadows of the Sun.

This novel is my main project for the year, and a smidge behind in the schedule, but Shadows has now advanced to the next step.

So far this year, I’ve done a deep edit pass, a proof edit, and a spell check. The novel is, as of about a minute ago, in the hands of the two critters who volunteered for the job. One of the critters has read the novel before (and is still willing, and eager, to go again (go figure)) while the other is brand new to this story with little foreknowledge at all if any. Between the two, I’m hoping to get what I need to polish and send Shadows off to find a new home.

And for the curious, the final word count is 135,117. I tried hard to keep the word count down in this edit pass, and cut a significant amount, but there was that much and more to add. Still, I was thinking I’d be looking at 140k-150k, so I’m happy.

Just to prove how chaotic life has become, I wrote this on the 4th…and am posting it now. So far I’ve seen some positive comments about the book from one critter, very general, but still positive, so there’s hope that I haven’t broken it :).

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2 Responses to A quick note on Shadows of the Sun.

  1. You haven’t broken it. 🙂

    I’m nearly one-quarter through it and enjoying the ride a lot. My general comments are just to let you know this while you wait for my detailed full-novel crit.

    • marfisk says:

      Thanks, David. Really, not trying to push, but your general comments have been very encouraging :D. I believe in this book, not that I had much of a choice since Kyrnie started haunting me back in ’88 :p. But it’s easy to think it’s good and not so easy to know so :).

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