A Mini Holly Lisle Workshop

I have been working practically round the clock to help my friend, programming client, and writing teacher Holly Lisle prepare for the big launch of her How to Think Sideways Ultra class tomorrow so didn’t get a chance to prepare the post on road trips I’ve been planning. I’m working on a post about Holly and how she’s made a difference in my writing and life for tomorrow, but then she tossed out a little treat for people interested in getting a taste of what Ultra can offer.

I figured the road trips post can wait; this can’t. It’s available now for everyone, but once the launch celebration is over, it’ll be folded under the class. So, if you’re curious, this is a great time to glimpse why I recommend Holly as a writing teacher. Check out the mini workshop and come back to tell me what you think.

5-Minute Quick Fix: Get Past the Blinking Cursor (EXPIRED)

Note: I only recommend things I think you’ll get something out of (as you should know from the book reviews, interesting links and other posts).

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