A Fun Interview and Book Giveaway

You might have guessed by now how I love to hear from my readers. It makes the publication process worth it (the writing would happen anyway). I was recently contacted by a reader who asked if I would do an interview on her site because she enjoyed Safe Haven so much. Well, as I’ve had fun with every interview I’ve done so far, I gave her an enthusiastic yes.

That was before I saw the questions…at which point it became even more delightful.

This interview is conducted by Mrs. Albert Baker, The Last Witch of Pendle and a character in a steampunk post-apocalyptic world. Not only that, but the site artwork is beautiful steampunk imagery.

Jump over and read the interview for some insight into events behind The Steamship Chronicles and more. Your attention will be doubly rewarded as I brought my mother’s pea soup recipe with me to help Mrs. Baker feed the starving street urchins.


When you’re done reading the interview, I have another treat in store. I am participating in Kim Iverson’s Page Turning Speculative Fiction Giveaway this week inspired by Read Across America Day (March 2nd) to encourage reading. These science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, and horror titles include one of mine, at least one I’ve reviewed on Tales to Tide You Over, and many more. Go choose any or all of the 84 books on offer to discover new authors and series, but most importantly, to read.

Kim Iverson's Page Turning Speculative Fiction Giveaway

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