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The Fourth NaNo 2018 Progress Report (Pulling Victory from the Ashes with Short Excerpts)

Last week, I clung to the delusion of possibility like a raft in a vast ocean. This week, with four days remaining, I have conceded the battle. Even with the almost 7,500 words of my journal, I’m nowhere near the … Continue reading

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Planet Urth (Book 1) by Jennifer and Christopher Martucci

My uncle recommended this post-apocalyptic title to me, and while it has weaknesses, I can see what attracted him to the story. This is very much a tale about taking ownership of your life rather than just maintaining the patterns … Continue reading

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The Fourth NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Endings

It’s been an interesting month for sure. Like many creatives, this year was not a very productive one, and I started November without much hope, having written a fraction of what I normally do each year. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Pondering Patriotism on the Fourth of July: Perspective of a Diplomat’s Daughter

I grew up a little differently than most Americans. I remember watching the Marines fold the consulate flag when dark fell. The flag was huge, though I think the embassy flags are larger, and it took a lot of them … Continue reading

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Secrets of Milan by Edale Lane with Giveaway

Secrets of Milan starts with Fiore and Maddie in a relationship crisis, with Maddie holding herself separate. This confused me for a short while because I’d thought their crisis over, but when Maddie quickly reveals the cause, it’s something new. … Continue reading

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