9 Wonderful Reasons to Celebrate Read an eBook Week

In case you haven’t heard, Read an eBook Week runs from March 7th to March 13th this year. While I do not believe print and eBooks are in an epic battle to claim the hearts and minds of readers, there are many advantages to reading an eBook. This week is about celebrating these features.

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Some of them are:

1) Travel

When travel picks up with the pandemic under control, wouldn’t you prefer an eReader or even your phone to 5-10 hardbacks (or paperbacks) in your luggage? Just think of the overweight charges.

2) Parenting

Stuck in a line with small children? An eBook allows you to pull out their favorite story and give them a tablet to read or read a bit yourself to distract them.

3) Vision

Rather than the Marvel character, vision to most humans means glasses, headaches, and even learning disabilities. eBooks are not the cure to all that ails you, but they can help. Most eBook apps allow you to change the background to cut down on glare or improve contrast. You can also shift the font size up when you’ve forgotten your reading glasses with no need to find a large print edition.

4) Flashlights

Reading in the dark with a print book requires balancing a flashlight or using a book light, which no matter how well designed, can crumple the pages. Because an eBook is on an electronic device, no matter how you read it, the book is already lit. Not only that, but it requires less fumbling to turn off when you hear your mom coming to check on you.

5) Delays

Whether it’s your doctor running behind, a meeting with the principal, or difficulties with herding cats–umm, colleagues–we end up in many situations where life is all about hurry up and wait. Instead of stressing, or playing endless games of solitaire, you can pick up your book where you left off. Depending on what you’re using, the app can even synchronize across devices so you never have to search for your place.

6) Quarantines

The pandemic has changed a lot. Wandering down to the library or bookstore is no longer an option in most places. Did you know almost every library has an eBook arm now? The collections might vary, and you may have to request your favorites, but you can check out, read, and return all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

7) Libraries

Speaking of libraries, eBooks can be a good solution for kids who keep losing their library books or returning them damaged. Whether they use or borrow a phone or tablet, they know exactly where the book is the next time they want to read. And when it’s time to return the eBook, off it goes (whether you want it to or not). This feature is not just for children. I put holds on books recommended to me, and don’t have to worry about losing the books or missing a critical date. No more frantic checks to see if I can renew at a minute to midnight either.

8) Sore Muscles

Okay, this one might not be obvious, but you try carrying multiple print books in your shoulder bag or purse. It’s the only option when you have to go out with one chapter left to read…or is it? With eBooks, a library fits in your pocket, purse, or shoulder bag easily. Print? Not so much.

9) Reading Itself

I wouldn’t know about this if not for suffering myself, and it’s mentioned under Vision, but I wanted to give this problem its own space. If you or someone you know wants to read but finds it exhausting, eBooks might help. The same is true for a reluctant reader or when the possibility of a reading disability is tossed around.

The dedicated eReader devices with eInk are the best for helping with various difficulties, especially eye strain. But even just playing with the settings on apps can help your reluctant and mournful readers enjoy reading once again, or even for the first time. Electronics stores like Best Buy often have a selection of eReaders you can test. It’s not the same as reading a book out in the world, but even experimenting with one might reveal whether it can help. A useful trick is to read the same passage aloud because reading exhaustion often comes from correcting what your eyes see. When you read aloud, there isn’t time to do that. This allows you to compare printed verses screen verses eInk more easily.

Can you think of something that’s missing from this list?

Celebrating My Readers

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Note: There are free apps to read eBooks for Windows, Apple, Android, and more, making the cost of entry nothing.

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