5 Interesting Links for 9-16-2011


The influence of politics and culture on something that seems so natural as the color of a carrot:


For any guitar player geeks out there…or people interested in learning how…this is a fun way to learn techniques from basic to more advanced:


This is a fun survey of key events in any given year (don’t know how far back it goes), that could be useful for researching background:


An intriguing possibility in the search for the ape/human transition species that forces scientist to re-evaluate commonly held truths about human evolution:


Vickie Motter weighs in with her take on preferred word counts across the various genres:

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 9-16-2011

  1. jjmcgaffey says:

    The survey of past events is interesting, though I disagree with some of the things they think are important (I don’t know, or care, who won the Oscars _this_ year, let alone the year I was born). But _wow_ it’s annoying! Slowly printing word by word (slower than I can read), but it won’t let me scroll up and read from the beginning again until it’s done the whole thing (page insists on jumping down so the next word is in the middle of the screen)…ghahh. If I were researching several years, I think I’d strangle it, or myself, or something. Oh yeah, and if you go on a different tab/window, the printing stops – it wants you to look at it as it prints. Ghahhhh!!!

    Interesting data, but the format is so annoying I don’t think I’d use it.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      I hear you on the speed. I wonder if there was a way to change the settings. But it was interesting anyway. I kept it open while working in another program and just read it once the page changed.

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