5 Interesting Links for 8-3-2012


A newly discovered section of the Mayan ruins in Xultun, Guatemala, puts an end to questions of time running out this year.


This explains why I like heirloom tomatoes so much :).

Interesting People

This group has adopted a somewhat unique method for raising awareness of gender inequality in France. Whether it has a real impact remains to be seen, but it does provoke a response and is usually without violence.


Ten strategies for improving self-control, along with how they work, offer insights into the ways in which we undermine ourselves and how to avoid those behaviors, whether it’s snacking, ignoring important work, or failing to take chances for fear of failing the goal.

Social Media

Juliette Wade gives a good breakdown of the stages of Twitter involvement. Pay close attention to the final stage, and remember, like Facebook, just because you said it on Twitter don’t assume everyone heard you.

Curve of Her Claw

Fall into a world where beauty is a facade, and one elf is pushed beyond reason to rid herself of the smooth-skinned curse. ~ Now available as an eBook:
Curve of Her Claw

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