5 Interesting Links for 7-29-2011

After you’re done exploring the links I’ve provided for this week, take a moment to check out my new website using the menu bar. Among other things, there’s a quick link in the “For Fun” menu to both my old, structured, links page and all the interesting links posts.


A fascinating look at food’s impact on society around the globe:


A look at what insight synesthesia might offer to the way language developed from sound associations:


A look at the collaborative nature of getting a book from idea to in the reader’s hands:


A new approach to dinosaur research could prove whether they were cold- or warm blooded:


Though I can’t confirm this is actually J.K. Rowlings plot diagram, this article does offer a possible format for outlining. You may not be aware that under writing tools on my main website, I have a copy of my outline spreadsheet for you to use. The similarities are interesting, as is a glimpse into a different technique:

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