5 Interesting Links for 7-13-2012


Stonehenge may have served as a lecture hall or cathedral as it had similar acoustic properties that would both make a speaker heard clearly over a large space and provide an unconscious awareness of difference upon entering the circle.


Quick overview of the electric car options and differences for those interested in taking an electric leap over gas prices.


Nicole O’Dell gives tips to overcome fears about starting your own radio show


As television advertisers struggle with the concept of DVRs and their effect on advertising, social networking provides a source of viewers for ads that capture the public attention:


I blogged about magic a couple years back after rereading A Thousand Arabian Nights, and though I took the opposite tack from N.K. Jemisin, saying that fantasy was stealing from the toolkit of anthropological SF rather than pushed into one by DnD, I have to agree with this article wholeheartedly. Magic, true magic, is such because it cannot be limited, defined, etc. Once it can, it is no longer magic but rather a new area of science. Regardless, a lot to think about here, both in the idea of magic and in what type of audience are you courting.

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