5 Interesting Links for 7-1-2011


Since I’ve been working on my website redesign, I’ve been looking at ways to keep the page a quick load while still visually interesting. This is one of the sites that, while I didn’t end up using any of the ideas so far, I thought worth sharing:


A neat idea for both promotion and getting electronic books into bookstores in a convenient format. I saw something similar at an indie store with cardboard book covers, but this would be more convenient:


While this is not the first agent post to tackle the issue, I like how Rachelle Gardner is short and clear. The publishing world has been changing gradually for the past 10-15 years, and all those minor changes have steamrolled until what was accepted as truth as little as two years before is now reversed. No one really knows what publishing will look like when the dust settles, but that’s no reason to cling to the old:


A look at the story in fashion design through the work of Alexander McQueen (description and video):


This post offers a good look at the use of subtext to deepen and complicate the reader’s relationship with the story. While I feel writers have to be extra cautious when withholding information from the reader, the principles are valid, and the examples of where some or all of the characters know less than the audience is a wonderful source of tension:

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  1. Alex Fayle says:

    I love DWS’s idea for getting ebooks into stores. I could picture independent bookstores turning into cafes with a whole bunch of cards where people can pick up a card and order the book for their ereader.

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