5 Interesting Links for 6-10-2011


Some neat facts about stamps through history:


10 myths about introverts explored. I can verify pretty much all of them, especially the noise shutdown as I have fallen asleep at rock concerts from the overwhelm:


Okay, this is really a flash quiz, but it’s a good reminder of just how different cultures and their expectations can be, something to keep in mind as you research and build your own words:


A thought-provoking look at the current state of publishing with the pros and cons to going with agents, self-pubbing, traditional publishing, and small presses:


If you’ve been following these links, you’ll already know dolphin communication is something I’ve been interested in…well, seriously since 7th grade…so here’s a glimpse into the latest efforts:

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 6-10-2011

  1. Alex Fayle says:

    I too can fall asleep in loud places. My friends don’t get how comforting it can be to close your eyes in a superloud club with the beat pounding. In any Meyers-Briggs test I’ve ever taken I’m 50-50 Introvert/Extrovert and it’s true. I love to perform and to be the centre of attention, but I also need to be alone and quiet. As I get older, however, I notice that I’m becoming more introverted.

    • MarFisk says:

      And it’s not a commentary on the music either. It just is :). I was sure I would get more and more set in my ways as I got older…one of the reasons I wanted to have my kids when I was younger…but it hasn’t really happened. I’m still pretty much as set as I ever was, not more or less.

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