5 Interesting Links for 5-6-2011


A suggestion for an untapped promotion opportunity. The post is aimed at self-published or indie authors, but could work for any effort to get your name out there:


Tips from Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency on how to keep your Urban Fantasy fresh:


Whether your 16th century characters are stranded far from medical care or you need to craft a sling for your sprained shoulder, this is a useful resource of basic medical knowledge and care along with diagrams and illustrations that can be modified to suit any time period or world:


Tips for how to format your submissions so they will read well on an eReader, important as so many editors/agents are going away from paper while reading on the screen can be annoying:


(Warning: Adult Content) A writer well versed in mature novels gives six tips for how to make a sex scene powerful…including not letting anything happen. It’s good advice, and can translate to many types of confrontations:

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