5 Interesting Links for 5-25-2012


This is interesting both for its analysis of the future of publishing and for the confidence that there will still be competition in the digital market. It’s worth reading for sure.


Volcanic eruptions, walls of lava, even lava bombs, have been used as plot devices. If you’re looking for something underutilized that should be brought into the public awareness, here’s a side to volcanoes that gets little press:


So much from early science fiction shows has become reality. Now they’re looking at tractor beams.

Space Flight

SpaceX is contracted to provide 12 cargo runs to the international space station, but its CEO and founder envisions much farther landing spots, such as Mars, and crewed journeys. What I found fascinating is the included short video demonstrating a reusable boost system, something critical for the sustainability of a space program.


An interesting type of story starter for those folks who are character oriented. Though it creates a contemporary profile, a creative mind could change things to either a magical or futuristic twist if so inclined.

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