5 Interesting Links for 4-6-2012


An actual working set of human wings thanks to an Android phone and WII controllers. The included video (doesn’t autostart) is in Dutch, but it’s very clear the “test pilot” had a fabulous time.

Interesting People

This interview offers some tips on creativity, as well as a glimpse into the mind of an interesting person. I’ve met Mary Robinette Kowal at Renovation 2011 and been to one of her puppet shows, so already knew the interesting part, but her first book, which is on my TBR pile, is rising higher because of this interview, and may even show up in the next month or so :).


A wonderful look at not just accepting we can like and enjoy things with problematic aspects, but how to acknowledge those aspects gracefully and not bash others who cannot see beyond the problems. A manifesto for relating with people of different opinions on practically any topic if you ask me, though it’s not intended that way.


Search the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection to see period fashions and the like. For example, if your heroine needs to put on her own corset, best check it seals in the front.


Juliette Wade talks about why to map your world and story spaces as well as offering tips on how to use Excel as a simple graphing program. As an Excel advocate, I find this simply brilliant.

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