5 Interesting Links for 3-9-2012


An interpretation of what the rings of various trees would sound like if transformed into music as though they were records:


It’s hard to start a savings philosophy, and it’s hard when you have plenty to consider that it might not last. Here’s a solid approach to starting yourself on the path of having a little cushion:


Some tips on what to check if planning a video conference or podcast recording:


An amazing tool for getting the right perspective, as in comparative size from the known universe down to the strings that form the universe according to string theory, and everything in between. Click on any object and you’ll get a quirky message, sometimes informative, sometimes just silly :):


A nice list of ways to keep your reader off balance and worried about your characters:

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 3-9-2012

  1. Dear Margaret,
    Thanks for putting a link to my blog post about saving money. I appreciate it.

    Do something fun to celebrate you today!
    Joan Y. Edwards

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