5 Interesting Links for 2-3-2012


Since so many people want to learn from the negative instead of the positive, here is a collection of grammar rules presented in their incorrect form. It’s fun to read, and offers a good refresher on various rules:

The Internet

This article deserves a category of its own because it crosses over life, politics, writing research, and many other areas. The article looks at the ways Internet access can be limited or controlled, along with the reasons this would be unlikely to work:


While I don’t agree that the parents are the only problem in the case of bullying, three cheers to Lucienne Diver for bringing up the topic. I was bullied as a kid. My kids were bullied too. This isn’t something that happens only to bad or weak kids. It’s something that happens to practically anyone not willing to become a bully themselves. Bullying is an extension of the social pecking order, and often triggered by unthinking comments made by adults who single out people for how they dress, their nationality, their skin color, or their wealth. Tolerance and cooperation are not valued by American society. Bullying is only one of the consequences:


A look at what should be the developers’ skill priorities for 2012:


A close look at the ways to use “as” effectively by Margie Lawson:

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  1. Laura Drake says:

    Thanks for the link love!

  2. Thanks for the first link Mar! It’ll make a great post over on Forward Motion.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Great idea. And now I know how I’m going to do my big contribution for FM this year :). My job is clearly to provide fodder.

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