5 Interesting Links for 12-27-2019

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Culture (Bullying)

A new study determined the most effective anti-bullying policies involve encouraging students at school and at home as well as providing a positive school climate. It’s not as simple as that might sound, but the punitive and student-resolution options many schools use did not produce beneficial outcomes.

Documentary (Chronic Illness)

A musician with a debilitating chronic illness has undertaken a film project to build awareness of what it means to be chronically ill. As part of the project, he invites anyone with a chronic illness or disability to submit a recording of some music he wrote to be included at the end of the film. He wants to let the listener feel the resonance of many disabled voices speaking out together.

History (Military)

This bit of history caught my eye because the men in my family used to (and may still) play an online game called Tanks. I’m sharing it here because it is a perfect example of how quixotic cultures can be when choosing to achieve an idea without consideration of the value of said idea.

Environment (Plants)

NASA has tested the ability of plants to filter the air for a number of chemicals that are unhealthy for humans and released a list of successful filter plants. (Via David Bridger)

Art (Recycled)

Ono Gaf, an Indonesian artist, recycles metal machine parts that have been discarded as trash and creates amazing pieces. Check out his giant industrial junk turtle for one example. (Via Steampunk Tendencies)

Box Set 1 The Steamship Chronicles

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