5 Interesting Links for 12-25-2015

Cookies (Cooking)

A fun way to try out new cookie recipes based on your favorite ingredient just in time for your New Year’s Party. (Via Facebook)

Cats (Life)

Some quick suggestions for keeping your indoor cat happy and entertained. (Via Facebook)

Blogging (Promotion)

A look at how you can use a blog to draw your audience.

Regency (Society)

While the rules of society were more rigid during the Regency, it’s interesting to see how so many points of etiquette boil down to just good manners and apply just as handily today while others do not, such as a visit planned for 15 minutes to a half hour would be rude in most modern circumstances where to stay longer would be to overstay during the Regency.

Subtext (Writing)

I have a literature degree and so have heard Robert Frost’s condemnation of literary analysis more times than I can count. However, I’m also a writer, critiquer, and reviewer. Yes, there’s a reader 50%, but it doesn’t come completely out of nowhere, and that subtext isn’t an accident. It’s a product of the subconscious, but you put it in there whether you meant to or not. As an editor (yes, I’ve worn many hats), I love when I can propose a fix and point to where the author seeded the elements without being aware enough of them to use them consciously. If writing were all in the conscious mind, it would be so much easier. Anyway, here’s another author’s description of the same:

The Steamship Chronicles Sharable Box Set 1

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