5 Interesting Links for 12-21-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Society (History)

How a nouveau riche matron overcame the barriers of New York’s social hierarchy with a costume ball that affected all levels of society.

Survival (Environment)

New evaluation of what’s known about the Australian marsupial lion reveals deforestation due to climate change is more likely the cause of its extinction than human occupation.

WordPress (Programming)

The new WordPress 5.0 release is a huge change on a broadly used platform. This cheat sheet helps point to some shortcuts and terminology to help you make the transition.

Book Covers (Publishing)

Seven tips to help you snag interested readers with a stunning cover.

Artist (Interesting People)

An artist’s journey from hobby to digital fine art. The story is interesting. The works are beautiful.

Life and Law Sharable

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