5 Interesting Links for 12-20-2013

Neanderthals (Archaeology)

This article is fascinating for many reasons, but what catches my eye is the need to re-evaluate old sites because this proves the assumptions (which might have colored the studies) wrong.

Building a Painting (Art)

Dan dos Santos steps us through the actual and mental steps he took to paint Rose Red.

Obesity (Sociology)

A look at the underlying causes of obesity and how policy may not reflect the complete picture of the causes. This is interesting to me because I’m higher than appropriate according to BMI despite doing most things right. Through my own research, I’ve found my weight is tied to stress and lack of sleep rather than consumption or lack there of. I have successfully gained weight while consuming a negative 500+ calorie diet, which should be impossible, for example, according to accepted causes.

Social Protection (Technology)

Michael Abramson has come up with a way to tell if someone is attempting to drug your drink in a bar by making cups and straws sensitive to GHB. It’s a wonderful way to protect without punishing the victim

World building (Writing)

This article with its animated maps gives a real sense of the changes over time as it shows the lifespan of historical empires:

Shafter by Margaret McGaffey FiskDreams of escaping the colony of Ceric become reality when Trina is discovered by her wealthy grandfather, but will the price be too high to pay?
Find out in Shafter: Shafter
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  1. Loved this/these links. I’m saving the whole conversation for future reference.

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