5 Interesting Links for 12-18-2020

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Nature (Art)

Artist Lisa Stevens goes by the tag seaurchin, a hint to her source of inspiration. Her works are inspired by coral in both their color and shapes. I first saw a piece of hers on the Women’s Art Twitter feed (@womensart1). It was compelling enough for me to search for an article about her. I found this one in an unexpected place as the site focuses on coral reefs and scuba diving rather than art.

Short Story (Fantasy)

As an author and a reader, I’m drawn to stories about books, which is how I ended up adding A Witch’s Guide to Escape: A Practical Compendium of Portal Fantasies to my TBR pile. Despite the title, this is fiction. It offers a glimpse into the hidden truths of the library and the power of books themselves. The short story is more than it appears, casting messages forth on multiple levels while offering a deeper story than I had expected. Enjoy.

Eating (Health)

Some benefits of good eating habits are unexpected, like helping you think more clearly. This article goes over what recent studies have uncovered about how gut health affects overall health.

Plants (Paleontology)

A 32,000-year-old rodent cache trapped beneath the permafrost in Siberia allowed scientists to sweep away the previous paleobotany record of resurrecting plants. The last record was for a Judean date palm from 2,000. While the mature seeds were not viable, the fruit offered placental tissue they were able to culture. The plants produced viable seeds and interesting differences from the modern version of the same species. (Via The Dig Site)

Titles (Publishing)

Choosing a title, whether for non-fiction or fiction, is a difficult task for authors. This article breaks down the reasons certain titles work and how to find your best title. It has an amusing connection to the short story I’m including this week as well. Note: The article includes affiliate links, each separately indicated.

War Child: A Fantasy Short Story  by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
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