5 Interesting Links for 12-13-2019

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Fiction (Fantasy)

The Jewels of Montforte by Adam Corbin Fusco is delightful post-apocalyptic pyrate novelette with a rogue who is much more than that. Though named part 1, this is a satisfying story on its own that makes me want to search out the next piece.

Quantum Material (Fractal Patterns)

Neodymium nickel oxide already has a list of extraordinary properties, but MIT physicists have now added a new one. This rare earth metal offers the first glimpse of fractal patterns at the quantum level. (Via David Bridger)

Pain Management (Holidays)

The holidays offer extra challenges for those struggling with chronic pain and/or illness. Several of these ten tips are useful on a daily basis while others are especially valuable during events. (Via EDEN)

Culture (Racism)

The EU wants to act surprised at the blatant racism directed at black footballers from England in Bulgaria last October, but the local Roma population faces much worse on a daily basis, something overlooked or deliberately ignored by the rest of Europe. (Via Penny Blake)

Writing (Technique)

Jeanne Cavelos, from the Odyssey Writing Workshops, defines theme and explores how to use it to strengthen a story. (Via Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror)

War Child: A Fantasy Short Story
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