5 Interesting Links for 12-09-2016

Publishing (History)

For those who think the indie movement is a new concept, or the generally curious, here’s a quick look at the publishing options in the Regency world with Jane Austen’s experience to illustrate it.

Cats (Holidays)

While intended as tips to destress your cat during the holidays, many of them apply to humans as well. Mellow out and enjoy seeing friends and family this holiday season.

Reading (Interesting People)

The story of a man who took it upon himself to share a lifetime love of libraries with homeless children in a local shelter.

Life (Technology)

An interesting take on the robotic revolution with a look at corporate algorithms influencing consumer behavior through digital assistants.

Persistence (Writing)

Some tips for when you are fighting self doubt to get you back writing.

Becoming Home, Foster's Way Book 1

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