5 Interesting Links for 12-07-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Recordings (History)

The Imperial War Museum brings the end of World War 1 to life through an eerie recording of the American front near the River Moselle right before and after the Armistice was declared. (Via Author Edward Greaves)

Economics (The Arts)

A personal narrative exploring the means of success in the arts. It reveals how the system is set against the new voices it claims to desire all because of economics.

Inspiration (Writing)

This is a wonderful list of suggestions and methods to poke yourself into writing when you just don’t feel up to it. I’ve used almost all of them one time or another.

Steampunk (Art)

A lovely collection of steampunk-inspired paintings with echoes of ancient China by James Ng.

Grammar (Interesting People)

While I might not agree with her “usage makes correct” argument on possessives, I find this woman fascinating and appreciate her attempt to share grammar with all comers.

Gifts, The Steamship Chronicles, Book Three- Twitter

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