5 Interesting Links for 12-06-2019

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Photography (Art)

Art is usually about creating something, but it can also be found in recognizing the perfect moment. This is the talent of a photographer who doesn’t stage the shot as these examples show.

History (Bicycles)

Ten ways bicycles helped change the world, advancing social, racial, and even medical arenas.

Management (Finances)

While aimed at seniors, this article offers several ways those who are able to set some money aside for emergencies can plan ahead to support financial stability, both in their later years and from the start.

Exploration (Intelligence)

A look at the concept of “gifted” and whether the focus on innate talents has encouraged a system that leaves students behind. While I don’t agree with the article on all points, it’s an important question to ponder as is the bigger goal of assessing ways students learn so education helps each achieve to the best of their ability. The current system expects everyone to learn the same way, only cordoning off a select few for different approaches.

Holidays (Marketing)

Some clever ideas for getting your books before readers during the holidays. It’s written by one of the major book advertising companies, BookBub, so some of the suggestions involve their offerings, but the article is broader than just those. It also contains visual examples that demonstrate how the ideas can be implemented.

Life and Law Sharable

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