5 Interesting Links for 12-05-2014

Potholes (Art)

An interesting and beautiful approach to a very real problem.

Race (Life)

I’m a white woman, but because of circumstances, I’m a little more aware of racial distinctions than many in my position. I had a weird encounter at the polls that I realized later may have been seen by the other person as a white/black issue rather than that I was thrown by a break in process. Regardless, for people who think the world looks the same regardless of what skin you’re looking out of, here’s a glimpse at the other side of the mirror.

The Hobbit (Music)

Billy Boyd (who plays Pippin in the movies) sings a song he wrote to sum up the whole epic adventure of The Hobbit.

ISBNs (Publishing)

An FAQ about ISBNs from Bowkers, the US company responsible for ISBNs, but with notes about other countries.

NaNo (Writing)

Why NaNo is a good challenge to undertake.

Beneath the Mask Sharable

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