5 Interesting Links for 12-04-2020

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Diaspora (Culture)

This is an older essay, in response to another essay, that explores cultural appropriation in the context of forced African Diaspora. It raises interesting points about both appropriation and privilege. The essay offers context to African Americans adopting African traditions while not excusing the misuse of tribal markings and African fashion. A cached copy of the article with the images still visible is https://app.getpocket.com/read/3185542258, but the below link is its origin.

Marine Biology (Interesting People)

Symone Johnson, M.S., is an enthusiastic marine biologist who has turned her attention to education as the Urban Education Coordinator at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. This #WCWinSTEM interview provides a glimpse into her motivations both to study science and to encourage young people, especially minorities, to explore a scientific path. I found the interview fascinating in part because she’s an accomplished storyteller, drawing on specific events in her life to illustrate her answers with vivid description.

Technology (Medicine)

Hands-on medical training in emergency situations with pediatric patients is difficult to gain, as it should be. Specialized medical robots bridge the gap so home-health nurses, emergency personnel, and even family members know how to help children dependent on medical equipment at home. The article talks about the advancements Hal offers and why the robot’s abilities are so important.

Innovation (Working at Home)

What Robbie Friedman used to escape the chaos of a dynamic family when working at home has become a new business, ootBox. Nor is he the only one to notice the demand for closet offices, which has grown thanks to COVID-19.

Villains (Writing)

Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer offer examples for how to create villains your readers will remember. The article includes a few spoilers but gives brief video clips along with analysis to emphasize the traits making these villains stand out, even from others in the shows.

Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 4) Sharable

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