5 Interesting Links for 11-4-2011

A quick NaNo update:

I am just under 100 words shy of 6k, which means I’m ahead of the game, but not much. Still, the story is coming together nicely. The bad side effect of that is I’m spending time working on my outline, adding or improving the scene blurbs, instead of producing new words that count.


The conflict between wanting to learn from the past and how that very interest destroys evidence of the past led to the Acropolis of my childhood being closed to visitors and many other sites as well. Here’s a site that’s fighting for survival:


Some tips for conquering the tired and dragging way we get through each day:


A look at what’s problematic with book cover art:


If you’re writing for the middle grade/young adult crowd, this is a great post that details some of the stresses faced by kids of that age:


Another case of improved techniques showing assumptions in what we believed was fact. Neanderthals have a new image:

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