5 Interesting Links for 11-29-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

U.S. Law (Copyright)

There are many beliefs about copyright in the United States that are incomplete or just wrong. This review of the most common misunderstandings helps clarify the problem areas. (Via Jean Joachim, Author)

Automation (Disability)

A well-expressed breakdown of the need for including disabled voices in creation and decision making regarding automation and other innovations starting from a personal example and expanding to consider a more global need. While automation has the potential to benefit the disabled community, implementation decisions that don’t take disabled people into account could offer negatives to undermine the positives. (Via EDEN)

Psychology (Happiness)

An examination of how some people successfully weather emotional highs and lows improves the understanding of happiness and reveals four methods that can help.

Interesting People (Musicians)

Half interview, half history, this article with video clips looks at Carlos Santana’s musical career and how he changed the definition of popular music by reclaiming the influences that built his individual sound.

Health (Sleep)

A newly uncovered way deep sleep is tied to long-term health advances our understanding of the physiological effects of slow-wave activity.

The Captain's Chair, a Seeds Among the Stars short story

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