5 Interesting Links for 11-28-2015

Fungus (Botany)

If you are ever short of ideas for SF or fantasy, I find the insect world a great source of fodder, but here’s a fungus that might have inspired many a well-known invasion story: (Via Facebook)

Regency Christmas (History)

A description of the practices both celebratory and charitable in Regency England during the Christmas season. I was raised on the tradition of Saint Nick’s day and have continued the practice with my own children.

Negotiation (Life)

A podcast discussion about how negotiation is a part of our lives from jobs, shopping, and even relationships with some tips on how to approach one to increase the odds of success. (Via Facebook)

Earnings (Publishing)

A look at different aspects of the Author Earnings data with the intent of seeing income comparisons between traditional and indie authors.

Jellyfish (Zoology)

The definition of the animal kingdom is stretching with the examination of mucus parasites.

Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 1) Free in eBook at all stores

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