5 Interesting Links for 11-22-2019

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Management (Electricity)

With the controlled power outages in California, the need to reassess how electricity is managed becomes ever more apparent. This article proposes a localization of power production through independent solar panels to reduce risks posed by wind and fire, as well as cyber-attacks, when the energy is transported over great distances to reach its customer base.

Science Fiction (Novelette)

The Sun from Both Sides by R.S.A. Garcia starts out slow and mellow in what resembles a fairytale voice only to turn into an epic story about responsibilities verses retiring into obscurity and how fate hunts you down for unfinished business. These themes build gracefully on each other, taking us from a small, defined life, to a world built on power and oppression that cries out for another way. I didn’t expect this, and to be honest, thought about giving up in the beginning because I wasn’t in the mood for low key, but am ever so grateful I kept going. It has the complexity, layering, and story I love, along with fascinating characters and world building, though I suspect you could stick with a surface read and still enjoy what is a classic in manipulation and mystery. It’s available to read on the web, so why not see if you enjoy the read as much as I did?

Gifts (Readers)

A curated list of non-book gifts for a booklover that is fun to explore whether or not they’d be appreciated in real life. It is missing t-shirts with cover art or fun quotes, but there are some interesting ideas represented here. (Via Fantasy and Sci-Fi Readers Lounge)

Research (Sleep)

Research supports the need to introduce more bright light into people’s lives to counteract poor sleep. A scientist recreated the intent of one experiment within the complexity of her normal life and had some interesting results.

Marketing (Websites)

Though just over a year old at this point, the article has good suggestions for an effective author website design that will last instead of following the latest trend. The examples might be different than they were when the author first checked them, but each still demonstrates the techniques well.

Gifts, The Steamship Chronicles, Book Three- Sharable
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