5 Interesting Links for 11-18-2010 plus NaNo Update

NaNo Update: There’s a reason I encourage people to focus on the daily goal in NaNo as opposed to tacking on any missed words from the previous day until the goal itself overcomes any productivity they might have felt. As of Wednesday, I had used up almost all of the leeway I’d built since the last time I had a string of bad days. By Wednesday evening (Thursday morning actually), I dropped almost a thousand words behind. However, yesterday I had a good run and caught up all but 150 of those words. NaNo output is dependent on the scenes as much as the effort you put in. There will be times when a scene requires a slower touch, and others when it races off your fingers. By focusing on the daily count, the good days mean something rather than being a mere dent in the bucket of bad days. The only time the overall word count is important is in the last week when you need to validate. If you’re still running a little behind, do a push and race ahead. But the rest of the month is better served avoiding burnout and being the tortoise so you don’t end up losing the race when you crash for a nap.


This is a good reminder by Lynn Viehl of how letting ourselves try even if we can’t achieve perfection on the first go is important, and why sometimes saving those early efforts can be rewarding when they’re rediscovered:


Harry J. Connolly breaks down the causes of his Twenty Palaces Society series not being renewed in a professional, and insightful, post:


A quick video of the work of a carpenter which offers insight into the tools and techniques, as well as the atmosphere:


Physicists come up with an explanation for glass:


Juliette Wade offers some tips on how to research a period or culture to make it feel real:

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  1. Thanks for the link, Margaret! Good links.

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