5 Interesting Links for 11-13-2015

Dyes (History)

A quick look at color in the Victorian Era…or why steampunk doesn’t have to be brown Goth in colors.

Cats (Life)

A look at a quirky but intelligent book on how to capture good pictures of your cats. Being a self-pronounced cat lady, I found it amusing and thought you might as well. (Via Facebook)

Affiliate Programs (Marketing)

This article was part of the reason I made the change to my website to remove affiliate programs. It’s less that Abby Glassenberg told me something new as that she helped me see that my decision does not in any way condemn others, nor should I feel obliged to follow the trend if it doesn’t make me happy.

Formatting Buy Links (Publishing)

Since I need to republish a book to update its “other works” information right at the moment, this article from Carolyn Jewel couldn’t have been better timed. A step-by-step explanation of evergreen links including recommended tools and processes.

Crime (Research)

A call for detailed research into an apparent link between lead levels and crime patterns based on numerous studies that evaluates the reasons why this is a worthwhile area for research.

Trainee - Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2

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