5 Interesting Links for 11-08-2013

Creativity (Education)

I’m all for creativity in education. I think there needs to be more room for it, and that kids will learn more and be more engaged. My favorite story from my kids was when their (two different years/same teacher) taught plate tectonics using mini candy bars. And of course they got to eat the remainder after exploring what happens when a “solid” splits, rubs and bumps against itself. Here’s another brilliant way of fixing an image, along with knowledge, into students’ heads. Yes, it also involves food, but we are motivated by our stomachs already. Why not put that to a greater purpose?

Puzzles (Fun)

For those of you who like puzzles, how about helping to translate a treasure trove of archaeological data?

Reactions to Murder (Life)

This essay is a short read for what it contains, but a long ponder. It speaks to the problems with blaming a whole people for the actions of a single person, how that perpetuates and encourages such acts. Anyway, just read it. This is important.

Indie vs. Traditional (Publishing)

A balanced look at some of the reasons to go indie or to go with a traditional publisher.

Retroviruses (Science)

A look at the behavior of a retrovirus that is currently infecting and destroying koala populations offers a glimpse into some of the DNA history of humanity, the past…and possibly the future.

War Child by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Melnae grew up on tales of fire-eating demons and even fought in the shahran’s army. Now, a demon force approaches her home while her daughter bears the mark of a fire-eater. Can she protect her daughter without betraying her people?
War Child

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