5 Interesting Links for 11-06-2020

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Worship (Archeology)

Remnants found in a mithraeum from around 1600 years ago in Italy paint an interesting picture of the worship offered the god Mithras as well as others, likely including the Egyptian goddess, Isis.

Tips (Everyday Items)

This article might be a bit long, but the author covers a lot of ground as he explains either the intended but little-known use or an alternate one for everyday items. I found this a fascinating read. While I recognized some of the suggestions, I didn’t know all. See if you can pick up a useful tip or two.

Tattoo Artist (Interesting People)

Fawez Zahmoul turned his love of tattooing into a social revolution in the Arab world of Tunisia. He fought prejudice to open first a tattoo shop then a school, allowing people to act on a love of body art or even reconnect with their African cultures after Islamic suppression. While the art of tattoo survived underground, he works to make it welcome in the light of day.

Cannibalism (Paleontology)

Modern owls rarely eat other owl species, but evidence suggests the giant owl Asio ecuadoriensis, who flew the skies some 40,000 years ago, preferred to feast on smaller owls. This, and other discoveries made in a well-preserved nest, are crucial to understanding the giant owl because finds of ancient bird remains are rare.

Short Stories (Writing Technique)

Deep Magic, a short story market, offers this as one of their articles to assist authors seeking to submit their stories. The article contains solid advice that can help you evaluate and edit your short story to ensure the greatest chance of success whether you release it to the market or traditional publishing.

Seeds Among the Stars: A Science Fiction Adventure
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