5 Interesting Links for 11-03-2017

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Businesses (Life)

An innovative suggestion made by a deaf employee at Starbucks has been taken up by the organization to provide special aprons both reminding others they are communicating with someone who is deaf and helping deaf customers identify who can speak sign.

Travel (Anthropology)

Studying the minerals in teeth of Bronze Age gravesites indicates women, rather than men, were the ones travelling far distances and responsible for the cultural exchanges.

Transition (Publishing)

In an interesting interview, author Michael Ridpath analyzes his publishing career along with the radical changes in the publishing world that led him from traditional to hybrid and indie publishing.

Disability Income (Interesting People)

A glimpse into the lives of people living off inadequate disability checks in West Virginia and the choices they have to make to survive.

Supernatural (Photography)

Changes in photographic techniques in 1839 spawned a number of charlatans using photo manipulation to reveal ghosts and the like. See some of their efforts in the article, and all before photoshopping became a word.

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