5 Interesting Links for 11-02-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Foreign Markets (Submissions)

Many foreign language markets will accept stories for translation that have already sold in English. This is found money, but authors often don’t take advantage of the possibility. This article goes into the process, and though written in 2009, includes a link to a guide maintained by the article author (updated Oct 2018) to potential markets.

Techniques (Sleep)

Logical, research-based reasons why wearing socks to bed is likely to mean better, and faster, sleep.

Tools (Art)

Check out this collection of free brushes to enhance your GIMP 2.10 installation. It includes instructions to add them as well.

Con Artists (Interesting People)

The story of this con artist is hard to believe. It has all the elements of a creative fiction, but was conducted in real life. A fascinating read.

Ideas (Sewing)

If you are someone who sews, you probably have a decent stash of fabric scraps. Here is a list of various projects you can do to use up those scraps and transform them into something useful. I find the idea of pocket warmers quite intriguing.

Vizions of the Future (Science Fiction Anthology)

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