5 Interesting Links for 11-01-2019

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Research (Evolution)

There are several evolutionary jumps where we can see the beginning and the end but not how it happened. A discovery regarding simple and complex cells might fill in one of those gaps, but some scientists question the relevance of this apparent missing link.

Military (Language)

While some terms persist across military generations, others are tweaked or reinvented. This list reveals a good number of the modern terms whether you write military fiction or just want to know whether authors and TV shows get them right. Always check with a current service member when voracity is key as change doesn’t stand still. (Via Andy Zach)

Research (Psychology)

As a writer whose characters come to life in my head, this article immediately caught my attention. It’s an interesting bit of research that might be relevant for sorting out the different types of writers as well as providing insight into something often hidden from society. The incorrect belief that hearing voices is automatically tied to psychosis means few with any consistent experience will admit to it.

Philosophy (Reviewing)

A thorough look at what negative reviews are and why a blogger might write one. While I have decided only to write reviews for books I can give three or more stars to, the reasoning here resonates with me. (Via Rennie St. James)

Recycling (Sculpture)

Amazing animal sculptures by Andrew Chase that can change position. The articulation is mostly manual poses, but still a wonder.

Seeds Among the Stars: A Science Fiction Adventure

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