5 Interesting Links for 10-30-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Artists (Interesting People)

When I tripped over one of her pieces on Pinterest, I had a feeling Amy Flynn would have an interesting story. Took me a bit to find something with narrative and pictures, but my search panned out. Besides the article, here’s a larger selection of her works to admire: https://aofta.org/artists/amy-flynn/

Virtual Visits (Museums)

The Smithsonian Natural History Museum, and likely others of the Smithsonian museums, provides a virtual visit through many of its exhibits. If you have a virtual reality setup, there’s an option for an immersive experience. I went through with mouse and screen, and still could read some signs and enjoy the displays. Whether you’ve been or still wish to, this is an opportunity to explore at your leisure and without travel costs. The Natural History Museum was one of my favorites when I lived in the area.

Tom Lehrer (Music)

If you’re a fan of folk, or come from a family that is, you’ve probably heard of Tom Lehrer. He put a catchy, comedic twist on educating people about subjects as broad as the periodic table to the air quality in America and more. For fans and those waiting to become fans, he has now released the lyrics, and any sheet music Lehrer wrote, to the public through a special trust and website. Some works are already available as downloadable PDFs, while others will appear over time. Enjoy.

Administration (Website)

Here’s a tip for that horrible time we hope never comes when the only admin account password is lost. The most important part about it is the last line. If you use this, make sure you delete the code immediately after reaching your site so you don’t create a backdoor for hackers.

Ideas (Writing)

I disagree with the premise, because I’ve had ideas spring fully developed from my subconscious, but the techniques for fleshing out an incomplete idea are worth sharing. If your idea needs more work, whatever order it appeared in, this might help you build on, or discard, ideas that aren’t strong enough.

Forged: A Fantasy Short Story
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