5 Interesting Links for 10-30-2015

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Metal (Art)

Beautiful metal statuary made from recycled car parts. (Via Pinterest)

Walking (Life)

I was talking with my parents a while back about walking for exercise and they scorned it not because they didn’t walk but because their community is set up so they walk for errands with the exercise a lovely side benefit. That’s not the case in my area, and one of the housing communities near me doesn’t even have sidewalks at all, thrusting the few pedestrians, including children, into the street. I have always walked. Long distances or short never much mattered because I enjoy the creative thinking I find while walking. This article is chilling not just in what it posits but in the way I can see the same all around me.

Diversity (Publishing)

One author’s experience with trying to find a traditional publisher for her YA fantasy. (Via Facebook)

Finishing (Writing)

This article is intended for beginning authors, but it’s something we all need to remember: the importance of finishing.

Chameleons (Zoology)

The assumptions made about chameleon color changes have been overturned and the answer is fascinating. Note: The video may have a hiccup point. Just click just past where it hangs and you can see the rest. (Via Aeon Magazine)

Beneath the Mask Sharable

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5 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 10-30-2015

  1. darsword says:

    I always love your Friday offering of Interesting links.

    On walking. With no car and no door to door mail delivery, we have found the 2.4-mile walk to and from the post office two or three times a week to be a healthy thing to do. I believe that it works out to be a 5-mile hike when you add in the shopping and the library stop. Whew! I think that winter will be difficult unless I can figure out what to wear when very cold. We take a personal shopping cart that starts out with purse and jackets. Coming home the jackets are on and the shopping cart full of the gleanings of the walk. Waistline is smaller already. But the aches and pains threaten to call my fibro. So far, though, I’ve managed not to fall into a flair. Fingers crossed for continued health! 🙂

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Oh dear. Be careful not to overdo it. But yes, that’s the ideal way to get your walks. There just isn’t that much close around me. It’s I think 3.5 each way to Smiths for example.

      • darsword says:

        For some reason, with all the dirt roads it is easier on my body that trying to walk on the sidewalks or paved roads. I think that is why I couldn’t think of it while in Reno. With no car we were no where near dirt to walk on. It was a mile to Virginia Lake Park. I kept thinking if I could get good enough I could walk there, walk around the lake (another mile) then walk home. 3 miles. But the busy streets between just kept me from doing it. Here there is no traffic. We can take our time. Sit on the hydrants along the way or lean on the shopping basket we bought for ‘across the street’ shopping back in Reno. So far no great flares! A day or two small ones but nothing that put me to bed for the season like I had in Reno.

        • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

          Very simple reason. We aren’t meant to walk on hard surfaces. Dirt is the perfect road for us :). Enjoy your new, and more natural, environment :).

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