5 Interesting Links for 10-26-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Income (Publishing)

This article raises methods of getting your published works out there you might not have thought of. While not every one made sense to me, they gave me some to think about.

Techniques (Exercise)

I am doing squats as part of my physical therapy, but it wasn’t until I read this article that I realized some of my difficulties were because I wasn’t widening my stance enough. I shared this in case it helps others, too.

Prosthetics (Innovation)

This is an amazing story told in a series of videos on the page (with some explanatory text as well). It goes through the whole process from inspiration to conclusion of a functional 3D-printed prosthetic arm. My only quibble is I don’t understand why they didn’t match skin tone in a custom prosthetic with nails she can paint, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Fun (Reading)

A look at the different types of readers you might find among your friends.

Costumes (Halloween)

A lovely collection of literary costumes, some I recognized and others new to me.

Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 2)

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