5 Interesting Links for 10-25-2013

Apologies (Life)

An excellent look at apologies, what they mean, how to give them, and when giving them isn’t going to change anything.

Innovation (Medicine)

Description of a case where modified HIV was used to treat a disease.

Scarcity Thinking (Publishing)

People who hang around me have probably heard my rants against comparison in writing before, as in X wrote more words than I did,” “to be successful I have to do the same as Y” and the like, but Rachelle Gardner takes that mentality on not just in the writing step but in the publishing, rejecting publishing as a world in which one person’s success must be counterbalanced by another’s failure.

Female Armor (Sociology)

When people think of women warriors, the image usually includes a “breasts” plate if any armor. This article explains why rather than trying to masculinize female warriors, giving them a normal breastplate would be more likely to save their lives…a note for writers, artists, and recreationists alike.

Language (Technology)

There are so many technical terms that they can confuse even IT folks, especially with how they are often defined by reference to other unfamiliar terms. This dictionary offers simple, clear definitions that help inform rather than increase the mystery.

Beneath the Mask by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

In the flash and glitter of the Regency Era, a young noblewoman craves to dance not in the ballroom but on stage, blending music, movement, and soul. Will these scandalous dreams destroy her family, or gain her a loving patron?
Beneath the Mask

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 10-25-2013

  1. Linda says:

    I was wondering whether it’s possible for you to list each of your interesting links separately, with individual links. I’d love to be able to click from the newsletter to the ones I want to read, rather than clicking on the first one to find out what the rest are. I suspect that you’d do that if your software made it easy to set it up that way, but I thought I’d ask, in case you hadn’t thought of it.

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      You mean create five posts each Friday? I could, or I could kill the read more. The trouble is multifold though. It helps me know people are reading when you click to go see the rest. Otherwise it’s a lot of work with the possibility that no one is benefitting. If you click from the newsletter, you go directly to the other side without stopping by to tell me you found it interesting :). And changing the read more, since sometimes my link descriptions get extensive, can mess up my main blog page so the interesting links are the only content people see…or the page takes too long to load so they go away. Ideally, when I have a spare moment, I plan to convert my interesting links into something more like the aging Research Links page, where every Friday 5 are highlighted, but you can go there to search by type or whatever. That spare moment hasn’t materialized just yet though.

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