5 Interesting Links for 10-16-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Construction (Housing)

This is a fascinating site geared for Seattle, Washington, but with information available to all. It provides different blueprints from the designers for accessory dwelling units added to an existing property. The guide might not cover steps and regulations for areas outside of Seattle, but the designs provide a variety of approaches to small footprint (rather than tiny) efficient dwellings.

Innovation (Medical Technology)

While a long article, I found this history on the development of an innovative heart replacement fascinating. This makes me wonder whether removing the traditional pulse will lead to the requirement for Wi-Fi SOS signals in coffins much like the bells above graves, though. It takes a while for news to spread.

Indigenous (Music)

This group of six indigenous bands might not be what comes to mind when you think of the category. They fall in the metal genre, both heavy and death metal even. The combination of indigenous instruments and visual storytelling in the videos is wonderful. (Via Author Cliff Winnig)

Formatting (Publishing)

The overall structure of a published book, whether non-fiction or fiction, is somewhat standard. There are fixed key elements like the copyright page along with a handful of optional ones in the front matter and as many expected at the end of a work. This article has been updated to reflect changes in convention, driven largely by “Look Inside” features, that push some traditional front matter pages to the end. It serves as a good review for those designing a book or a solid introduction to those just starting out.

Sharks (Research)

This article describes an old great white shark captured for research and released back into the ocean. The respect in the expedition leader’s voice is audible while you see the details he mentions in the included video.

An Innocent Secret (Book 3 of Uncommon Lords and Ladies)
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