5 Interesting Links for 10-12-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Life (Creativity)

Exploring the cost of “going pro” with your creative outlet and evaluating what your goals are so creativity is not overwhelmed.

Dialogue (Writing)

7 techniques for improving your dialogue from acting it out to throwing in apparent non-sequiturs that are full of meaning.

Language (History)

For those researching curse words appropriate to the Regency Era in England, this dictionary is an invaluable resource. It contains the vulgar tongue as compiled in 1811. It’s also good for a laugh or maybe a party game where you try to figure out what they should mean then check the definition. This is the online version, but you can download an ePub as well.

Whales (Animals)

A lovely end to a potentially sad story is found in an orphaned narwhal being accepted by a pod of juvenile male belugas.

Posture (Sitting)

These are good chair tips for maintaining proper posture (something for more than appeasing your mother because it’s related to spine health). I’ll add that some car manufacturers, like Toyota, allow you to reverse the headrest so it isn’t pressing your head into a “smartphone curve.”

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